Replica of Holly land at St.Mary's Forane Church, Chalakudy, Kerala


Replica of Hollyland is in the complex of the ancient church of Our Lady at Chalakudy- St Mary's forane church - Chalakudy, in the Diocese of Irinjalakuda. Replica of Holly Land visit is a short pilgrimage through all the important events in Jesus’ life depicted with statues along with an ongoing commentary describing the event in each station. 

Holy land is infact a journey to the spiritual world filled with a wide variety of experiences and situations drawn from different parts of our saviours life,providing us a short glimpse to the pains and sufferings Jesus had undergone in his 33 years of life on earth  

 Replica of Holly Land at St. Mary’s Forane Church, Chalakudy, is attracting thousands of tourists everyday, irrespective of relegion, caste ,etc. For christians it is a pilgrimmage. It is going to be  one of the upcoming destination of Kerala Tourism.  

 St. Mary’s Forane Church, Chalakudy

The origin of Christian faith in Chalakudy can be traced back to the time when St Thomas, one of the twelve apostels of Jesus Christ, set foot in India with his mission shortly after Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.The church is famous from time immemorial for the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary. The original altar is known as “Swayamvara Altar” — a title rarely bestowed by the Holy Father. It is believed that those who pray at this altar with complete self-surrender would surely receive special blessings. When the church was rebuilt in 1987 the original altar made of wood with intricate carvings was left intact and is preserved as such till this day. On the solemn occasion of the consecration of the remodeled church, His Eminence Cardinal Lourdusamy declared this ancient Church as a Marian Pilgrim Centre in consideration of its contributions to the history of the Church in Kerala and its significance as a centre of pilgrimage and a spiritual powerhouse. The colossal belfry built in gothic style almost a century ago with a huge statue of Mother Mary on the top is of monumental importance and still remains the tallest structure in the vicinity.   Read More