The Mar Thoma Pontifical Shrine Azhikode, Kodungallur, Kerala 

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Mar Thoma Pontifical Shrine, a monument to St. Thomas is situated at Marthoma Nagar at Azhikode near Kodungallur. It commemorates the landing of St Thomas at Kodungallur in 52 AD.It lies on the bank of the River Periyar.The shrine is set in a semi circle in semblance to St Peter's Basilica in Rome, with the small church in the centre, flanked by statues of the saints. In front of the church there is a huge statue depicting the moment when Thomas acknowledge the risen Christ. There is also a painting depicting the arrival of St Thomas.A relic of St Thomas is preserved in the church.The main feast of the church is celebrated on November 21 every year.
It is located at Azhikode in Kodungalur. It is situated at the vantage point on the edge of the backwaters at Azhikode Jetty. 

The shrine is a historic pilgrim centre for Indian Christians situated on the banks or river Periyar. According to the living traditions and historical evidences it is believed that St. Thomas is one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ landed in Kerala on November 21, 52 AD at Kodungallur then known as Musiris. After sharing his deep belief and experience with the people He formed seven Churches or Christian communities in Kerala and the first one being in Kodungallur. 

A memorial presentation, ‘Marthoma Smruthi Tharangam’ means a creation of waves of memories regarding the St. Thomas depicts the vision and mission of St. Thomas to the innumerable pilgrims who throng this place from all across the country in search of spiritual guidance and solace. The memorial presentation is artistically depicted in 3,500 sq. feet large mansion which is aesthetically designed in Indo-Persian style. The life sketch and work of St. Thomas is systematically and scientifically arranged in four different levels through the multi color image and sculptures that provide great Trans to the mind and soul of the devotees. With the help of modern technology and audio-Visual theatrical effects one can enjoy an enlightening account of the Saints life in half an hour program with a seating capacity of about 80 persons at a time. 

The other major attraction among the visitors is Marthoma Research Centre that provides sufficient information to the visitors regarding St. Thomas and Indian Christianity. Visitors here can buy religious books from the book centre at a reasonable price. There is also a ashram of the CMI fathers where the accommodation for the pilgrims is arranged. There is also a canteen for the refreshment of the pilgrims. Visitors here can even enjoy boat rides in the lake Periyar as well. 

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